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If you have ever attempted your own calligraphy (or addressed over 100 envelopes), you know that there are definite benefits to hiring a professional (lack of hand cramps, for one). Hiring a professional wedding calligrapher can save you hours of time, especially if you enlist him or her to tackle multiple pieces of stationery. For example, have your calligrapher address your envelopes and create your seating chart or fill out escort cards. Not only will this free up more time for you, it will also give all of your wedding stationery a cohesive look. And don't feel like you have to stick to a standard script. Today's wedding calligraphers can create anything from loopy vintage fonts to sleek, modern prints to funky Gothic-style writing. Ask to see samples of your calligrapher's work so you can figure out all of your options and choose a style that complements your wedding theme. Once you have hired a calligrapher, you will need to provide him or her with a complete guest list, including addresses. (Hint: Give them a typed list. A handwritten list is more likely to introduce errors.) For an additional fee, your calligrapher may also be able to seal, stamp, and mail your invitations for you, but it may be beneficial to give the envelopes a once-over yourself to spot-check for mistakes.

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Find the best wedding calligraphers in your area. Use our local wedding planning guides for photos and info for a wedding calligraphy expert near you.

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