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It seems ironic that planning a wedding should take a toll on your relationship, but trust us, it happens. Marriage brings up serious questions about the future, children, living together, and other changes that you and your new spouse will encounter as you build your life together. But don't worry! Every newly married couple goes through this transition stage, and our advice and suggestions will help make the process go as smoothly as possible. While you are planning, you might have questions like, "What do I do if my fiance wants to invite his ex to our wedding?" or "How can we know for sure if we are right for each other?" No matter what the situation, you'll find answers to the most popular relationship issues that come up while planning a wedding. You'll also find advice for after the wedding, from getting health insurance as a married couple to how to change your name and how to deal with the question of when to have a baby. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to submit your question (you just might see the answer on our site!), or check out TheNest.com for even more newlywed and relationship advice.

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It seems like since the second we got engaged, every third person says, "So, when are you two having kids?" We're not even married yet! How should we answer this rude question?

Questions like this one are never fun, but even in this day and age, they're pretty much inevitable. Your best bet? Take it with a laugh and a grain of salt and say something like, "Well, planning the wedding's got us both crazy right now, so we're kind of taking things one life-altering decision at a time"... read more

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