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Getting Remarried

Remarriage is a tricky topic and one that is probably at the forefront of your mind if you are getting married for the second (or third) time. Whether it is you or your fiance who is getting remarried, you undoubtedly have questions for getting through the big day with as little drama as possible. First, we have advice for legal matters, such as, "Can we get a marriage license if he is not divorced yet?" and "Do I need an annulment from my previous marriage?" Next, we can help you with family issues, like how to involve children from a previous marriage in your wedding ceremony and whether or not you need to explain your fiance’s divorced status to your family. We even have tips for the really tricky matters, like, "Do I need to tell my former in-laws that I am getting remarried?" and "Can I get married in a Catholic Church if it is my second marriage?" Plus, get helpful suggestions for your second wedding invitations. And if you have remarriage questions that you do not see answered here, feel free to submit it for an answer! You just might see your question and answer show up on our site.

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We're getting married in July and this will be the second marriage for both of us. When I mentioned invitations to my mother, she was appalled that I was even considering them. She said that you don't send invitations when you remarry. Is this true?

How will people know to come to your wedding if you don't send an invitation? It's true that second weddings are often less formal -- perhaps you won't choose ecru paper with engraved script, for instance. But you'll still want to send nice, official invitations to your guests... read more

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