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Bridesmaid Advice

Your bridesmaids are your sisters, your best friends, and your closest relatives, but that does not mean they will not cause you any headaches -- or give you plenty of questions you need quick answers to. For example, some of the most common bridesmaid questions have to do with purchasing bridesmaid dresses. Fortunately, we have expert answers to questions like, "Should my bridesmaids choose their own style of dress?" and "What are the best bridesmaid dresses for different size bridesmaids?" Another tough problem many brides encounter: "How do I tell my bridesmaids that they need to pay for their dresses?" Don't panic, though, we have an answer for that one too! And if you are a bridesmaid looking for answers, we have advice for questions like, "What if I don't want to be a bridesmaid?" and "What are some good ideas for a wedding toast?" We can even help you with what to do if you need to split duties between two maids of honor or if you want to include your brother as a "bridesman." If you have a bridesmaid question we have not answered, send it to us! You just might see your answer show up on our website.

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How do I let my bridesmaids know that they have to pay for their own dresses? Two of them have never been in a wedding before, and I'm not sure if they'll think I'm being rude.

The easiest way to let them know is to be open about it. Bring your maids dress shopping with you, and when you're looking at a particular dress, it's okay to say to the group, "Do you girls think this one is going to be too expensive for you?" If one of the newbie maids blanches, either you or one of the girls who's been down this road before can explain... read more

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