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Quiz: What's your ideal honeymoon?

Fantasizing about a week on the beach or 10 days on a boat? Answer some basic questions and we'll give you tailor-made suggestions for where to bask in newlywed-dom.

1. On the first day of your honeymoon, you will want to:

2. The most important feature you want the hotel to have is:

3. You want to do all kinds of things on your honeymoon, but you're most excited to:

4. Your idea of a great honeymoon meal is:

5. The perfect honeymoon gadget for you is:

6. What's your honeymoon beverage of choice?

7. If you were a painter, your ideal subject would be:

8. Your favorite part of going to an amusement park is:

9. The perfect souvenir to take home from your honeymoon would be: