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Quiz: What kind of groom is he?

So you think you've landed a real gem -- and not just the ring! Now that the sparkly stone is on your finger, you and your guy need to launch into some serious planning. But what kind of groom do you really have? Take our quiz to find out if he's a master planner or just master of the remote.

1. When you first started talking about what kind of wedding you should have, he:

2. Sure, all couples fight -- but when you come down on different sides of a planning issue, how do you resolve it?

3. You can tell a lot about a guy from his family. Is your groom:

4. You call your fiance to let him know your boss has asked you to work late. He says:

5. Your mother calls and insists you serve salmon as a main course. Your fiance can't stand the smell of fish. He:

6. Your weekend routine normally consists of:

7. In your preliminary honeymoon discussions, he's mentioned:

8. It's time to pick out the tuxedo. He: