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Quiz: Are You a Bridezilla?

Before you think, "Me? No, that's definitely not me," take our quiz to see just what kind of bride you really are -- and if you need to chill out or crank it up a notch.

1. You have to take time out of your workday for wedding stuff. So you:

2. A bridesmaid is really concerned about the costs of being one of your lucky ladies. How do you handle it?

3. Your parents agree to pay for the wedding, but you feel as though your in-laws should chip in. So you:

4. You and your groom decided to have two different cake flavors. He wants one of the flavors to be pistachio. But you hate it! What do you do?

5. The flowers for your wedding are important to you. How many florists do you feel like you should meet with before choosing the right one?

6. Your future mother-in-law asks you to make time at the reception for a mother-son dance. You respond with:

7. Your fiance planned a weekend away, but you wanted to take your friends to look at bridesmaid dresses. You:

8. You've talked to the florist about what you want for your wedding. But when you show up to see the sample centerpieces, they look completely wrong. What do you do?

9. You're looking at invitations, which are a lot more expensive than you had anticipated. The stationer tells you a few ways you can cut costs, but it means not getting the look you'd always envisioned. You decide to:

10. You had your heart set on going to Vegas for a bachelorette weekend, but one of your bridesmaids is pregnant and another one can't afford the big trip. You tell your friends:

11. You find out that some of the groomsmen are planning to speak at the rehearsal dinner. You'd like your bridesmaids to do the same. So how do you go about asking them?

12. Your mom has been looking all over for a dark pink mother-of-the-bride dress, but she can't seem to find anything that she likes. Recognizing her stress, you tell her:

13. Ever since you've been in high school, you've known what you wanted your wedding song to be. But your man thinks it's cheesy. What do you do?

14. The countdown is on, and to get ready for the wedding day, you're:

15. The DJ or band sends you a list of the songs they can play prior to your wedding. You take that list and:

16. Your save-the-date cards arrive, and you realize that the font color is more olive than light green. So you:

17. You've had a hard time finding the perfect wedding dress. Finally, you see "the one," but it's way more expensive than what your mother (who's buying it) wanted to spend. What do you do?

18. You're a huge fan of lamb, but neither your fiance nor his mother can stand it, and they think that other guests may not like it either. So you:

19. Should your bridesmaids match?

20. Your guy really wants to plan the honeymoon, especially since he sees the work you've been doing for the wedding. You tell him:

21. The night before your wedding, you see yourself: