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Ready to take a break from all that wedding planning stress? We thought so. Not only are our wedding quizzes a welcome respite, they also might make some of your decisions easier. For example, try our wedding quiz designed to help you determine your wedding cake style. Do you prefer simple, classic round cakes? Bold, modern patterns? Or should you buck tradition with a rich chocolate wedding cake? Another helpful wedding quiz will help any bride find her perfect wedding dress. Find out which silhouette, neckline, and length is perfect for your personal style. Next, check out our "Are you a Bridezilla?" quiz to make sure you don't need a total attitude adjustment. We can also help you pick your wedding colors whether you prefer bright, contemporary colors or classic, vintage hues. We even have wedding quizzes for grooms! Find out what kind of groom your man is (or, the guy who's plotting a proposal might benefit from our "What's her Marriage Proposal Style?" quiz!). For wedding guests, we have etiquette quizzes to make sure you don't break any wedding etiquette rules and avoid ending up on any "worst wedding guest" lists. From relationship advice to wedding planning tips, our wedding quizzes are a fun, easy way to test your wedding IQ.

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Are you posting pics of your ring on Facebook?



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