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Grooms Behaving Badly

The top things your groom will do wrong while planning the wedding. Don't say you weren't warned.
Editor's Note: The grooms in these photos weren't actually behaving badly, we just thought they were good models!

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He’ll Idly Stand by While His Groomsmen Forget to Get Their Tuxes

Why he’ll do it:In his mind he did everything the task requires: He emailed his buddies with the tux-rental info; then he trusted his friends to get the job done. (So naive, you’re thinking?) He’s thinking grown men don’t need babysitters. That’s why after sending that email—six months ago—he never checked up on them. Not once, even just to make sure they got the email. Now, the day before the wedding, one of the groomsmen says, “So...where am I supposed to get a tux?”
How to respond:Make a preemptive strike. Two weeks before the wedding, ask him to confirm that the groomsmen are squared away. (Technically this is the job of the best man, but sometimes the best man isn’t, well, the best.) If the wedding weekend arrives with no tux? Most tuxedo-rental places (like Men’s Wearhouse) can (thankfully!) handle same-day requests. (Confession: How do I know all this? Because even after writing more than 100 articles on the man’s perspective on wedding planning, recently...I’ve still been that negligent groomsman who forgot his tux. It happens—trust me.)

Photo: Roey Yohai Photography