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Grooms Behaving Badly

The top things your groom will do wrong while planning the wedding. Don't say you weren't warned.
Editor's Note: The grooms in these photos weren't actually behaving badly, we just thought they were good models!

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He’ll Invite His Old College Roommate…Before Running It By You

Why he’ll do it: Sure, they go way back. And, yes, he hasn’t seen the guy in three years, but who can forget that one time when Cody puked all over his laptop? Good times.
How to respond: Use the cold, hard facts. Bust out the spreadsheet and show him the math. More than any other variable, the size of the guest list has extraordinary power to impact the wedding’s budget. Every extra guest will either: increase the overall cost or require tradeoffs. (So enough random Codys might mean that you can’t afford an open bar—that should get his attention.) Each guest is effectively a joint decision that the couple makes together, so it should be treated as such. How would he feel if you, without asking him, used $2,000 of a shared bank account to buy a cute rug?

Photo: Aruna B. Photography