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13 Wedding Photography Trends

Photography trends are a funny thing. You want your photographer to be on the cutting edge, know the latest techniques and shoot with the most up-to-date equipment, but you don't want your photos to be so trendy that when you look at your shots in 20 years, all you see is something that instantly dates your wedding. Here are 13 shots that are totally now—but will look equally current when your kids get married!

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Brady Bunch-Style Bridal Party Photos

For an interesting new way of capturing your beloved bridal party, some creative photographers are taking photos of the crew separately and then creating playful graphic grid designs in photo albums for later. "It's great because those closest to you do put a lot of time and money into being a part of the wedding, and it's a nice gesture to provide them with a gift portrait after the festivities are over," says photographer Mel Barlow of Mel & Co. We bet your gals would agree.

Photo: YEAH! Weddings