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Wedding Dancing: Choreographing Your First Dance? Take This Quiz

Whether you can’t dance to save your life or you’re expecting a call from Dancing With the Stars any day now, take the quiz and find out (and watch a video of!) which choreographed first-dance routine is right for you.

1. The thought of cutting a rug in front of 100-plus of your closest family and friends makes you feel:

2. What wardrobe changes are you planning for your reception?

3. What is your dream bachelorette party?

4. What is your essential wedding day accessory?

5. How did you announce your engagement?

6. Which wedding-ready tune gets you in the mood for dancing?

7. What are you doing for your honeymoon?

8. What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (besides marrying the love of your life, of course!)?

9. How would you describe your dancing skills?

10. How does your fiance feel about being the center of attention?