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12 Shocking Facts About Your Wedding Guests

In all of the frenzy, don't lose sight of one nontrivial constituency: your guests.

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Fact: They want you to register

You will have many difficult decisions in life. (How many kids? Rent or buy? Public or private school? Ground or whole-bean coffee?) Opting for a gift registry is not one of the hard decisions. Trust us. Your guests want it. By registering, you get exactly what you wish -- no duplicate gravy boats -- and spare your guests confusion. Easy call. Plus, it's easier than ever before: You can now use your iPhone as a scan gun, sip champagne if you're registering in store (you can do that at home, too, but it's free at the store) and put anything, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g on your wish list as long as it's sold somewhere on the Internet. As for the coffee, you're on your own.