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our conclusion

While favors aren't necessary -- especially cheesy snow globes and plastic picture frames -- we do think that when done right, they're a generous way of thanking your guests for sharing the day with you. Edible favors are great, but there are plenty of other creative and useful take-homes to choose from too. Bookmarks or funky notepads work well for the bibliophiles; matches and candles coordinate nicely with a winter wedding theme; and donations to a charity of choice will match any wedding color scheme and theme. In the end, the secret to pulling off fabulous wedding favors without the cheese is simple: Do your homework, choose a favor that reflects your style as a couple, and package it up in a pretty way. Follow this formula and you can be sure your guests will not only remember to take your favor home with them at the end of the night, they'll also recognize what a gracious, thoughtful couple you are.

Sound-Off: Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

We asked Knotties if they think favors are a mandatory part of a wedding. The verdict? A split decision.

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"After a guest has cleared their schedule for a day or more, dressed up, traveled to the event, bought a lovely gift, and shared one of the most important days of the bride and groom's lives with them, the least the bride and groom can do is give them a small token of appreciation. I also think edible is best, but no favor is going to please every guest...this is very much one of those "thought that counts" situations. Everyone may not love it, but at least you can give something to show you do appreciate them sharing this day with you."
-- MrsZP2B
"No, they aren't necessary. The point of a favor is to acknowledge and thank your guests for coming to your wedding. However, many people will shell out hundreds of dollars on junky favors that will just get thrown away and, at the same time, have a limited or cash bar or cut corners in other ways. If you have money to completely accommodate and properly host your guests and still have money left for favors, then go for it. If your paying for favors is going to require cuts in other important areas (entertainment, food, beverage) that your guests would otherwise partake in, then that's just not right."
-- 20something
"I do think they're "necessary" in an "I would not skip them for my wedding" sense. This varies by [region], but I've never been to a wedding without them (in NYC, at least). I think it's nice for the guests to have something to take home with them, edible or not. It's something the couple can personalize and a good way to tie in themes that didn't fit elsewhere in the day."
-- Jamilynn627
"No. Definitely not. Unless they're edible or a donation to a charity, they're a waste of money. They either get left behind or thrown out, and let's be honest -- no one wants a 2" x 2" picture frame or something with YOUR names or monogram on it."
-- MrsEricH
"I think they're a nice way to say "thank you" to your guests. I agree that they need to have the guests in mind; most people don't want a deck of cards with my picture on it or a 1" x 1" picture frame. On the other hand, food is always good; most people will eat it or bring it with them. I also love the idea of giving a donation. Everyone has a cause that's near and dear to their hearts; why not let your guests be a part of that too?"
-- megynelli
"I don't really get favors. After guests have enjoyed good food and a nice time at the reception, I don't understand why a favor is so important. They're not very common in my circle, and when I do see them, there are usually a ton left over."
-- sctiger52408
"Yes!! Favors are a thank-you to your guests. But a lot of people make the mistake of buying something really expensive or useless. Most likely, the favors will be left behind, never used, or thrown away. Your best bet is to go with something edible that all the guests can enjoy."
-- mrsmacias2008
"If you need to be frugal or need to cut something out completely, favors would be the wise choice. The day of, you're going to have people who love them and people who couldn't care less. In the end, unless it's edible or useful, it'll be tossed out eventually. At least for me they will be. Who the heck wants to keep a snow globe with a picture of the couple in it? I'd rather leave it there than take it home and eventually throw it out."
-- t.manansala

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