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worst wedding nightmares

Wedding Planning: Worst Wedding Nightmares

Wedding stress can lead to restless nights -- and hilarious stories. Brides and grooms told us their worst wedding-related dreams.

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"I had a dream the night before the wedding that one of the wedding photographers came into my room the morning of the wedding day while I was still sleeping and started taking pictures, like those were part of the 'getting ready' shots. I was appalled!"
-- Brady, Des Plaines IL

"I dreamt that when we checked in to the hotel the afternoon of the rehearsal, all of the suites, including the one we reserved, were taken. When I asked the receptionist why, she replied that Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, and Tim Robbins were filming a movie, and that they'd taken all of the hotel rooms. I started yelling, 'But I'm getting married here tomorrow, you have to give us a room!'" She took me into a conference room, where Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, and Tim Robbins were already seated. They sat me down and told me that I should stop being so selfish because they had a job to do.

"I woke up and thought, Why can't I have a normal nightmare, like forgetting my dress? Alan Rickman? Seriously?"
-- Caitlin, Baltimore, MD

"My God…recurring dreams, every single night! I'd dream that I wasn't at the wedding; that my fiancee wasn't at the wedding; I was stuck on a plane; I was a werewolf; I was a vampire; that I wasn't suitable and her parents hated me; that all my family showed up (that was the worst one)."
-- Ron, Blacksburg, VA

"I dreamt that I was marrying a man with a body but no face."
-- Robin, Leesburg, VA

"I had a recurring dream that it was the day of my wedding, and I hadn't bought a wedding dress yet. I had to find something to put on, so I wore a green printed moo moo with a scarlet red leotard underneath. Analyze that!"
-- Alison, Islamorada, FL

"I had a nightmare that I was going to fall out of the chair during the horah -- and then it actually happened to my husband!"
-- Lindsay, New York, NY

"I dreamt that our reception was in a hot attic and my wedding cake melted everywhere, and our guests were coming up to tell me how awful everything was!"
-- Amber, Columbus, OH

"I had a dream that I was about to walk down the aisle with my father when another girl shot out right in front of me and started walking down the aisle. Everyone stood up and burst into smiles as the girl walked toward my fiance. My fiance then took her hand and the ceremony began. I just stood at the back of the church with my father and watched it all happen!"
-- Deborah, Leola, PA

"I dreamt that all the reception tables were set up in a maze and my fiancee and I were searching for the cake while people were trying to give us toasts, and we kept on interrupting them to ask about the cake. I woke up sweating."
-- Jason, Oakland, CA

"In my dream, we'd just arrived at the church when we realized that I had nothing to wear for the ceremony. Just as I was about to have to walk down the aisle in my undergarments, my mom declared, 'Wait! I'll make you one!' So she ran to the bathroom and got several rolls of toilet paper. In a matter of seconds, she had fashioned a dress together out of it. So I got married in my toilet paper dress, and my dream had a happy ending!"
-- Lauren, Dallas, TX

-- Miles Stiverson