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10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Brides are only human -- and they're bound to make mistakes. No biggie. But since we hear about some common wedding blunders all the time, we figured why not give you the heads-up? Here are 10 wedding mistakes to avoid.

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Reading Aloud to Your Fiance ... From Bridal Magazines

The problem: Look, we know it's not the Stone Age, and there are plenty of guys out there who want to see their wedding as an event that reflects their style too (or at least one that isn't dripping with pink froufrou). But there's likely to be a limit to your fiance's ability to cope with an infinite array of invitation choices.

The solution: Here's how to defuse a potentially sticky situation (and a minefield of fights you don't want to have). Take a night off to go out to dinner and talk with him about all the different parts of the wedding, and try to get a concrete idea of his interest in the various details. Does it sound like flowers are flowers in his book? Okay, then you can more or less leave him out of that decision. And if he's cramming lettuce leaves in his ears to block sound, you definitely don't want to drag him into it.

Moving forward, save his sanity (and yours) by designating one night a week as wedding-free. Talk about the weather, your friends, the dog -- whatever you want. He'll be psyched to see that the girl he fell in love with still lives there, and you'll appreciate the breather yourself. And who knows? Left to his own devices, your fiance just might surprise you with a great idea for your cocktail hour or the perfect solution to a guest-list dilemma.