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6 Creative Wedding Program Templates For The DIY Bride

Lead guests through the ceremony you've planned so carefully with a wedding program that you've made yourself! The program is the place to outline the order of the ceremony, explain any traditional or religious rituals you've included and tell guests a little bit more about you as a couple. To pull off this DIY wedding project, you'll need an easy-to-follow template and enough time in advance of the wedding date to execute a true trial run. Test the tools of the job (like the printer, ink and paper trimmer) and see how long it takes to make one. Wedding program DIY projects can take longer and cost more than you'd expect, so you'll want to leave enough time for a backup plan after your trial. Once you've mastered the technique, set up an assembly line and get in the DIY zone! Download one of these 6 stylish templates and follow the instructions for a creative fan, double sided or folded DIY wedding program.

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Heart Fan Ceremony Programs

222 sheets 8.5” x 11” red card stock
100 wood fan handles
Heart-Shaped Program template
Laser or inkjet printer, with extra ink cartridges
Double sided tape gun and extra tape (we recommend the 3M Scotch ATG 700 Transfer Tape Dispenser), or glue sticks

1. Download the template here. Customize and print your programs.
2. Print 110 copies onto red card stock using a laser or inkjet printer (10 extra copies are for inevitable mistakes when cutting). Using scissors, cut each program into a heart shape, following the outline on the template and being careful to cut inside the line so the outline doesn't show.
3. Assemble your programs. Place your hearts back-to-back. Try to pair up hearts that match each other as closely as possible, as there will be some inconsistencies due to the hand cutting.
4. Once you are happy with your pairings, take the first 2 hearts and lay them side-by-side, right-sides down, on your work surface. Center a fan handle on one of the hearts, left to right, and position it vertically so that the top 6 inches of the handle lie inside the heart, and the bottom 3 inches lie outside of it, forming the handle. Dispense glue or double-sided tape on one side of the top 6 inches of the handle and press into place. Dispense glue or double-sided tape along the heart-shaped areas of the same heart as well as the second side of the handle. Align the second heart, right-side up, over the glued side and press down firmly.
5. Repeat for all programs. Makes 100 programs.

Paddle fans, as these types of fans are known, can be made in any shape—a circle, oval, square, rounded square, egg, leaf, or traditional fan shape (resembling a quarter circle). If you have a longer ceremony, you can print on both sides of the fan, adding a bit of decorative flourish along the borders.

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Photo: Eunice and Sabrina Moyle, Handmade Weddings