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Wedding Hairstyles: Hair Crisis Solved!



I'm getting married in six months and I hate my hair! I've been wearing it the same way since junior high and it's time for a new style. How to I find one that's right for me?

Okay, take a deep breath and don't do anything hasty. When selecting a new hair style for your wedding day you don't want to stray too far from what you're currently wearing. Think "update," not "transformation." We don't want you to have a hair disaster before the big day. Find a hair stylist to see you through the next six months. Start out by making slow changes and experimenting with new products. Once you have found the right length and style for your hair, choose a veil or head piece that complements the whole look.

I'm trying to plan out my wedding-day schedule. How much time will it take the professional I've hired to do my hair and makeup? She's also going to do the members of the bridal party (four) and my mother. Should I go first or last?

It usually takes a pro about two to three hours to do a bride's hair and makeup, depending on the complexity of the 'do you're wearing. More time may be needed if they have to make lots of adjustments or start over (yikes). You may want to think about asking the bridesmaids to do their own and have your professional simply touch them up -- add a little blush or re-pin a simple updo or hire a separate person to work on your mom and maids. Some salons offer a team of professionals, anywhere from 2-6 stylist at your service, depending on the size of the wedding party. If the pro will be working on you and the others, you should be done after them so you're nice and fresh for the pictures.

I'm having a professional hairstylist come to my home the day of my wedding. She's charging me for the house call and her normal fee -- a lot of money! Do I still have to tip her?

If you're happy with her work, you should certainly tip her. A tip is an extra-special thank you, and if she makes you look picture-perfect on the most important day of your life, she deserves it. So if you're thrilled with her work, tip her 10 to 20 percent of her fee. Either way, if you're happy with her work, be sure to send her a nice thank-you note after the wedding and pass her name along to all of your friends -- wedding professionals value good recommendations just as much as money!

I have a lot of short flyaway hairs around my face (possibly broken ones from wearing pony-tails) and I am doing an updo for my wedding. How can I make sure I have a sleek look? Should I cut them? I worry that hairspray won't do it.

Stay away from the scissors! Cutting those "baby hairs" will only make your hair look way worse. You're right that wearing ponytails could cause hair to break off, especially if it isn't in good shape to begin with. You can prevent your flyaway problem from getting worse by having your hair trimmed regularly and keeping it well-moisturized. Start deep-conditioning your hair once or twice a week. Put the treatment on, leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse with cool water. On your wedding day getting a sleek look should be no problem -- the right gel, glosser, or spray will do the trick. If your hair is thick, apply a gel to slightly damp hair and blowdry. For a sleeker look, use a pomade before drying and to set the style once it's in place. On your wedding day, be sure to carry a product for touch-ups such as a spray-on serum or a hair wax.

My wedding is coming up and I'm not quite sure how to handle my hair. I normally dye it (at home), but I'd like to get it permed for the wedding. How should I schedule the dye job and the perm?

Have the perm one month to five weeks before the big day and color your hair two weeks before. This will give your fiance some time to get used to the new curls and the color will be fresh for the wedding. Also consider having your hair professionally colored for the wedding. Find a "Certified Master Haircolorist" -- a board-certified expert -- who will know exactly how to handle chemically-processed hair.

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