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love and latkesLove and Latkes!
I'm Stephanie and I'm getting married in Miami on December 15, 2012. My fiance Oren and I met at a bar one night and my life hasn’t been the same since. On this blog, I'll talk about everything wedding planning –- from honoring Jewish wedding traditions to putting together the perfect and uniquely "us" reception and navigating the world of wedding planning from behind my desk at TheKnot.com. Yes that's right; I work at TheKnot.com on the public relations team. It’s truly a dream job and I love every second of it. But how will it affect my planning? Will my insider information be a lifesaver or a burden? I'm guessing it'll be a little of both, but only time will tell and you're coming with me on the journey!

The Can't Wait to Say "I Do" Bride
I'm Laura, and I'm getting married on Long Island on May 21, 2011. My fiance, Chris, and I met in college and have been together for almost 6 years. I am loving every step of the wedding planning process and enjoy documenting all our wedding plans for our friends and family who are not close by. I am also training for my third half marathon this coming October, which is helping me stay fit and focused while the countdown rolls closer to our big day!

The Baking Bride
I'm Heather and I met my fiance, Mark, ten years ago in college. We currently live in northern New Jersey, and are planning our wedding for 9/23/11 in my home state of Rhode Island. You might think that after all of those years of dating I already have every detail of our wedding planned, but I don't! I've enjoyed everything about planning so far, and I can't wait to share more of the wedding planning process with you.

The Long Distance Bride
My name is Lexi and I'm so lucky to be marrying my best friend on July 2, 2011. My fiance and I work at a university in Texas, but will be getting married in Indiana, in the city where I was born and my parents live. We are doing our best to incorporate a lot of DIY projects to save money and to give our weddings a personal touch! With 1,000 miles between us and our wedding city, planning has been a challenge, but I've loved every bit of it!

It's the Same But Different
I'm Lisa, and I'm so excited to marry my partner of six years, Catherine, on August 6, 2011! We will be tying the knot on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, which is a favorite vacation spot for my family and where Catherine and I took our first vacation. Since this will be a destination wedding for everyone invited, we are planning a full weekend of events that will really introduce our guests to an area we love. We have had so much fun planning our big day and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

The Shabby Chic Bride
Hi, I'm Kayleigh, a multimedia specialist for government social marketing campaigns, a freelance travel and business writer based in Washington, D.C. and a new design/wedding enthusiast. As a Libra, I love to surround myself with beautiful things! When I'm not busy crafting, traveling or keeping my hyperactive beagle at bay, I like to sit in the sun, pop on the shades and people watch -- that's when I find my best inspiration. I'm marrying my fiance, Jay, on April 23, 2011 in a DIY, plantation wedding. Join in the shabby chicdom that is our big day!

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Saying "Goodbye" to Saying "I do"

After three years and two months of Saying "I do",  planning a wedding, attending, then recapping thirteen weddings, connecting with a huge network of brides and meeting people I never dreamed of meeting, the Saying "I do" chapter is over. I've ridden the newlywed bride train as far as it will go, and it's time to get off. I've been struggling with closing this up for some time, and  even started blogging at elsewhere for awhile, but I just wasn't catching my stride there, trying to make it something I wasn't, and not being true to myself.
I really enjoy blogging, I love having a place to capture and record all the great moments of my life and having them here to look back on. I've always been that way: my mom and dad have 20 scrapbooks I made just of High School to prove it. Maybe it was a way for me to cling to my past...I think it was just a way to preserve it. Luckily, blogging is faster and cheaper than scrapbooking, and so, I am not done with blogging, just blogging elsewhere.

Any wedding related posts will still be posted here (we have 3 more weddings coming up in the near future), but this will not be where I blog regularly. I was not modest about linking here on facebook or really anywhere I could, and for the future I'd like to keep a little bit more of a low profile, which is why I'm not linking to my new blog here. I'm  not going completely off the grid, if you were a regular follower, you'll be able to find me, and most of you already have!

Thank you to the followers, the commentors, the friends, and the one time visitors (holla to this post which keeps a steady stream of visitors every single day!)

If you are just coming here for the first time, sorry you missed me! You can read about  my wedding here.

I am also still regularly blogging for Russo's on the Bay! 

Bye for now!

posted on Thursday 11/01/2012
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