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your best wedding look

Different types of weddings call for different versions of formalwear. Use these general guidelines to match your look to the mood of your wedding.

  • Semiformal, Daytime
    Both you and your groomsmen should skip the tuxes and opt for suits (navy or charcoal are great year-round; reserve khaki or white for warm seasons). Choose a white shirt worn either with or without a tie.

  • Semiformal, Evening
    Go with a dark tuxedo and bow tie worn with a cummerbund or vest. Your other option is a nice dark suit. Either way, your shirt should be white with a wing or turned-down collar. For summer weddings or tropical locales, white dinner jackets are an acceptable option.

  • Formal, Daytime
    You’ve got lots of choices: tuxedos, tailcoats, and gray strollers are all appropriate. Match them with a white spread-collar shirt, a vest to match your coat, an ascot or a regular necktie, and a pocket square if you’re feeling particularly dapper.

  • Formal, Evening
    It’s time to break out the black-tie. You’ll be wearing a classic black tuxedo with a white wing or spread-collar shirt, black bow tie, and matching vest or cummerbund. Formal four-in-hand ties (aka fancy takes on the standard necktie) are a more contemporary option for the fashion-forward groom. And if your wedding falls during the summer, feel free to don a white dinner jacket with formal trousers.

  • Ultraformal, Daytime
    Think cutaway coat, gray striped trousers, gray vest, ascot, and black shoes. If you want to go all out, you can also add a top hat, spats, and gray gloves.

  • Ultraformal, Evening
    Break out the white tie. That means a black tailcoat, black trousers, white pique wing-collared shirt, black vest or cummerbund, and white bow tie.

black tuxedo

Grooms: Find the Most Flattering Tuxedo Styles for Your Wedding

In the dark about which wedding tuxedo styles are best for your body type? Here's help.

Photo: David Gubert

You've never had so many pictures taken of you in your life, so make sure you look great. Keep these tips in mind for choosing the suit that best becomes you.

Tall and Thin

Congratulations. You can wear just about any tuxedo, from contemporary styles -- like single-breasted four-button jackets -- to a more classic, double-breasted tuxedo with broad shoulders. The choice is yours. If you're extremely thin and want to look bulkier, opt for the latter; it will pad your chest slightly and fill out your torso. One caveat: Make sure your trouser legs and jacket arms are long enough.

How do you know if your tux jacket fits right? The bottom hem should cover the butt and the vent shouldn't pull open, and the collar should lie flat on your neck without any gaps or bulges.

Tall and Husky, or Muscular

Go for a smooth, clean look without a lot of frills. A shawl collar (a more rounded lapel than a peak collar) will create an elegant line that will make you seem less bulky. Avoid double-breasted jackets and pleated shirts, which add volume. If you have a large waist, consider wearing a vest instead of a cummerbund, since cummerbunds draw attention to the waist, while vests conceal girth. Keep in mind that black has a slimming effect, which makes the classic tux perfect for you. You'll probably find that white suits, light-colored suits (such as tan or seersucker), morning suits, and tails are not your most flattering looks. And if you're extremely muscular, be aware of sizing, especially around your neck. You don't want to feel like your bow tie is strangling you.

Short and Slim

Avoid styles that look too large on your frame. Steer clear of double-breasted jackets. Instead, go for a two- or three-button jacket with a low-button stance (it elongates the body), paired with classic tuxedo pants or pleated trousers. If you want to look a bit broader, ask your tailor for extra shoulder padding. When sizing your tux or suit, make sure everything fits precisely so you don't end up swimming in yards of extra material.

Short and Broad

Stick with a single-breasted jacket. Go for a classic two- or one-button jacket with a low-button stance and a shawl collar, which will keep your look streamlined and slim. Also, choose a jacket with a natural shoulder line, and avoid the more broad European styles. If you have a heavy waist, choose a vest rather than a cummerbund to draw attention away from your waistline and up toward your face. And once again, remember that black has a slimming effect, which makes the classic tux perfect for you. When it comes to sizing, make sure your jacket and trousers fit well. When you button your jacket, the material near the buttons shouldn't pull. Your trousers should fit comfortably around your waist.

-- The Knot

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