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  • Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre (Italian: My Heart Is Yours Forever)
  • Deus Nos Iunxit (Latin: God Joined Us)
  • Semper Amemus (Latin: Let Us Love Always)
  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Latin: Love Conquers All)
  • Amore mio (Italian: My Love)
  • Ani L'dodi V'Dodi Li (Hebrew, Song of Solomon 2:16: I Am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine)
  • Mon Amour (French: My Love)
  • Je t'aime (French: I Love You)
  • Forever
  • Always
  • Love is Eternal
  • Never to Part
  • My Heart

Engagement Rings: Real Couples, Real Rings

Buying a ring is a big commitment -- your wedding band will stay on that fourth finger for the rest of your life. Whether you choose one that’s classic and understated or sleek and modern, make sure your wedding ring expresses your personal style.

Need some wedding-ring advice? We went straight to the experts -- four Knottie couples -- and asked them how they found their perfect wedding rings.

Their Love Story

Sonia and Jason met on Match.com and immediately clicked. Eighteen months later, the couple married in a traditional Indian celebration at San Francisco’s magnificent Omni Hotel.

Their Ring Story

When it was time to think about wedding bands, Sonia and Jason looked toward time-honored style. "We wanted wedding bands that reflected our traditional ways," Sonia says. Together they decided on vintage-inspired platinum bands with matching etching along the border. Sonia’s band included a row of shimmering diamonds, while Jason’s band featured two rows of milgrain pattern. Then the couple added a personal touch -- they had the phrase "Kindred Spirits" engraved on their rings. "We really wanted our bands to be a piece of art that reflected our commitment," Sonia says.

The Knot Note: Wearing an heirloom family band? Shop for a vintage-style wedding ring or one made in a similar style for your spouse.

Their Love Story

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, Ashley and Todd's summer nuptials were a model of elegance and sophistication.

Their Ring Story

"We both like classic, clean styles with small unique touches," Ashley explains. They worked with the jeweler Todd had enlisted to create Ashley’s three-stone princess-cut engagement ring on designing their wedding bands. Todd chose a moderately thick, white-gold band rimmed with two thin rings of polished metal. "Todd plays golf, and his ring has to be comfortable so it doesn't affect his handicap," Ashley says. She opted for a beautiful platinum band with eight princess-cut diamonds to match her engagement ring. Once you know what you want, Ashley advises, "take your ideas to a jeweler who can customize rings exactly to your personal tastes and styles."

The Knot Note: If you’re opting for custom bands, start the process early, allowing at least six weeks for delivery.

Their Love Story

After a five-year romance, college sweethearts Quinn and Tim were married at a beach-themed celebration in historic Salem, Massachusetts.

Their Ring Story

Rings were one of the last big decisions this self-described "comfortably casual" couple made. They were looking for functional bands that were simple and great looking. "As an elementary school teacher who is somewhat rough on her jewelry," Quinn explains, "I didn’t want to have to worry about losing diamonds or chipping something." She decided on a basic yellow-gold band that complemented her solitaire engagement ring and Tim chose a beautiful platinum band with yellow-gold trim.

The Knot Note: Looking for a more durable option? Investigate titanium wedding rings, which look like a smoky silver or platinum, are almost indestructible (a good metaphor for your marriage), and aren't considered a precious metal.

Their Love Story

After a two-year courtship, Andy proposed to his girlfriend, Jessie, in the ultra-romantic city of Florence, Italy. Eighteen months later, inspired by Andy’s European proposal, the couple wed in an Italianate celebration.

Their Ring Story

Jessie's custom-made engagement ring inspired her wedding band -- "it was very important to me that the rings to echo one another," Jessie says. Inspired by the wraparound shape of her engagement ring, Jessie designed a decidedly modern wedding band with a large diamond in the center and increasingly smaller diamonds descending down each side. "I wanted it to be simple, but striking," she says. Andy, who wanted something “stylish, but not gaudy," selected a band with a modern combination of brushed and polished metal separated by a thin groove. "Our style is very simple and contemporary," Jessie says. "We wanted to make sure our rings fit who we are."

The Knot Note: If your rings are different styles, one way to unify their look is to select the same metal.

-- Jeanine Edwards

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