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10 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

When planning a bridal shower it's best to have a theme which speaks to the bride's personality and reflects what she enjoys. Use your imagination to add spcial touches to the invites, gifts, food and entertainment. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

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Wine Tasting Shower

What it is: A wine pro will teach the group how to taste. It’s especially fun if you tie in the wedding or honeymoon destination. Say the couple is going to Spain; get all Spanish wines from different regions.
Best for: The bride who likes to sip; it’s also best with smaller parties.
Planning tip: Assume every bottle holds eight tasting servings. So, if you have eight guests and you want to taste four different types of wine, you’ll need one bottle of each. After the tasting, figure about half a bottle per person.
Potential pitfall: It requires lots of glasses, so it’s best to do it at a restaurant or wine bar rather than in someone’s home (unless you don’t mind washing a lot of glasses). And make sure transport home is available for the more festive guests, if needed.

Photo: Angelica Glass