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7 Bachelorette Party Games That Don’t Suck!

The key to fun, organized games is keeping them short. Take inspiration from these ideas and play a few of them, or narrow it down to one.

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bachelorette party games
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3. Bachelorette Game Idea: Lingerie Shower Guessing Game

The Gist: The bride, using her knowledge of each guest and their friendship, has to figure out who brought her the G-string thong. And she gets lots of sexy presents!

How to Play: Let each guest know ahead of time to bring one item of lingerie for the bride as a gift (a bra, a teddy, panties -- you name it). Distract the bride while you hang each one (using hangers) around the room. The bride walks around the room and surveys all of the lingerie, then writes down who she thinks brought what. Once she pairs each person to an item, she can read her list and see how many she guessed correctly. (She takes a drink each time she gets it wrong!)

Photo: Anastassios Mentis / The Knot