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Wedding Dress Shopping 101: Contract Points

Before you put down a penny for that wedding dress, make sure you've completed this gown contract checklist.

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You're standing in the salon, wearing a stunning wedding gown, and suddenly a tingly feeling washes over you -- it's the one! Before you whip out your wallet, though, you need to know what you're getting into -- especially when it comes to your wedding dress contract.

You must double-check all the information on the salon/dressmaker's contract. If this contract contains incorrect information and you sign it, the fault is yours. You could end up getting the wrong wedding dress (or the wrong size or the wrong color) and there will be nothing you can do about it. (Trust us: It happened to someone we know.)

knot note

One month after you order your wedding gown, call the salon to confirm the delivery date.

So make sure the following information is PERFECTLY clear and correct, and ask for a copy of the contract for your records. To be triple sure, fill out this sheet for your records, too. (You can never be too careful.)

The Salon

Salon name: _____________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
Phone number: ___________________________________________________
Contact name: ___________________________________________________

The Money

Date/time of purchase: _____________________________________________
Amount of deposit: ________________________________________________
Ensure this amount is marked clearly on the salon contract.
Amount still owing: ________________________________________________
Date balance is to be paid: __________________________________________
How many fittings are included in the price (if any): ________________________________________________________________
The cost of each additional fitting: _____________________________________

The Dress Details

Designer name: __________________________________________________
Style # or name: __________________________________________________
Size/measurements sent to manufacturer: ______________________________

The Follow-Up

Expected delivery date: _____________________________________________
Date of first fitting: _________________________________________________
Name of seamstress/tailor: _________________________________________

-- The Knot

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