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Wedding Accessories: Hot New Wedding Veil Trends

Of all the great hair accessories, these trendsetting pieces get high marks from us.

Wedding Veil Trend 1: Veiled Hats

Why we love it They can make any wedding gown feel so sophisticated and chic. Not that we don't love veils by themselves, but these hats just make a bigger, more original fashion statement.

How to wear it
This classy style looks best with a polished bun or a low side ponytail. Reminiscent of a much more dapper era (like the '40s and '60s), these period pieces are very debonair. Unlike heavier pieces (think tiaras), they'll simply sit on the top of your head. Translation: minimal bobby pins required.

Wedding Veil Trend 2: Crystal-Studded Headbands

Why we love it More glam than girly, these decorative bands are an excellent addition to both an up- or down-do. They're every bit as glitzy and more modern than a traditional tiara. Plus, they're easy enough to pop in for a quick ceremony-to-reception switch sans the hairstylist (though you may want to enlist the help of a particularly hair-savvy bridesmaid).

How to wear it
An embellished band will add instant sparkle to your overall look and draw the eye upward (highlighting your flawless face). They're especially stunning if your dress is super-simple or you plan to wear minimal jewelry. Consider which colors will stand out best against your hair. If you're a brunette or a redhead, choose lighter stones, like crystals, so they stand out against your dark locks. Black or deep jewel tones, like sapphire or ruby, will really pop out against blond hair -- and won't wash out fair skin. 

Wedding Veil Trend 3: Enamel-Plated Flowers

Why we love it An intricate comb makes even the most tousled updo look polished. And these molded hairpins are perfect keepsakes. Don't Get Attached If you're planning to wear both a veil and a hair comb, remember to secure both of these pieces separately. This way, if you want to ditch either one during the reception, you don't have to completely redo your hair

How to wear it
Since the plating is matte, you can easily get away with using a larger comb without looking overly done up. Make the most of an heirloom-like hairpiece by tucking it into the top of a veil-covered bun. It's easy to wrap your hair into a bun, pop in the veil and secure it with bobby pins, then tuck in the comb.

Wedding Veil Trend 4: Feathers Anywhere

Why we love it Feathers are fun, flirty and feminine enough to top off any bridal 'do.
How to wear it Consider taking a cue from Carrie Bradshaw's cobalt blue plume in the Sex and the City movie. Try adding some extra drama to an already over-the-top gown with vibrant feathers secured to a couture veil. Or you can stick a few tiny peacock clips into your updo for more subtle yet still utterly exotic flair. Cluster a few feathers next to a tousled bun or use them to highlight a hair-wrapped ponytail. Are you opting to wear your hair down? Try parting your hair to the side and then securing the loose locks with a pretty clip.

-- Heather Levine