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Tips to accessorizing your dress rigns watch bracelets

Accessories: 10 Tips to Look Your Best

It's the little details that will make your wedding day look perfect. Here are our tips for making the most of your accessories.

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Overbuy Bras

Before you buy a bra, ask about the store's return policy. You'll likely want to try on a few different bras with your gown, so make sure the garment is returnable for a full refund if you leave the tags on. Take home a handful of styles and try them on with your dress. Move around and dance to make sure the bra stays hidden.

Be Prepared for Fittings

Remember: Make sure you take your bra, slimmer, stockings, and shoes to your dress fittings; a body-support garment will give a slightly different shape than just sucking in your gut, and changing your "support" down the road will affect the way your dress fits.

Examine Your Undergarments

Try on your entire wedding ensemble to ensure you’ve made a good match. Can you tell that those control tops are cutting your torso in half? Likewise your thighs in those stockings? Is the outline of your garter belt or your pantyhose waistband embarrassingly obvious? Is your gown fabric so sheer that your under-the-dress essentials may as well be over the dress? If any of the above applies, rethink your options and consider other alternatives.

The Right Tights

If you think you'll kick off your heels as the evening progresses, you might choose tights rather than sheer hose to avoid holes in your toes. You could also go with knee highs that you can slide off along with your shoes. Whichever style you select, buy a few extra pairs -- when you accidentally shred one on wedding morning, you won't miss a beat.

A Veil Do

Don't forget to check your look from behind. If showing off the back of your gown is important to you, you may want to opt for a very sheer veil of just one or two layers of tulle.

A Veil Don't

Though it may look cleaner than unfinished tulle, depending on its length, a ribbon around the edge of your veil could create a horizontal line across your middle, making you appear shorter.

Dare to Go Bare

If you plan to remove your veil after the ceremony, have it attached to your headpiece with fabric hook and loop closures for easy on-and-off. Keep in mind, though, that if you remove your veil before the reception, it won't appear in pictures of the cake cutting and the first dance. Many brides wait until after the first dance.

Fix Your Fabrics

Be mindful of the effect your slip or crinoline can have on your hose; depending on the material, the friction of the undergarment against your legs could end up shredding them, so do a test run.

Under Where?

To avoid the inevitable wedgie, which is pretty much impossible to fix in a wedding gown, wear pantyhose with a sewn-in cotton crotch or thong underwear. Again, if you’ve never worn a thong, try it first -- this barely-there item is not for everyone, and some women compare the experience to having a permanent wedgie.

Be Prepared

Keep two or even three extra pairs of hosiery on hand. Give them to your maid of honor to stash in your wedding day beauty kit, along with a bottle of clear nail polish in case of runs.

-- The Knot

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